Saturday, March 11, 2006

Jan was wheeling outdoors

In spite of a sitter bent on impossing her views on Jan, the day still brought joy to Jan. In the afternoon, the family came for a visit and Jan was allowed to be wheeled by her niece Elizabeth, her parents Louise and Tony, and Dad and I joined the march outside to enjoy "real air" and the warmth of the afternoon sunshine. This is the first time Jan is outside of the walls of the hospital since February 10, 2006. She sat quietly in her chair, basking in the sun. 15-20 minutes later she just said "I am ready to go". Small things can bring the greatest joy in the company of loved ones.

Jan's progress is more evident to those who see her at bigger intervals. It is evident how she is expanding her vocabulary and how she is constructing better sentences. Communication is improving because of this. Nevertheless, she still has to really start the speech language therapy and the physiotherapy will become more strict in the following days. According the the medical staff, during the next week, she will have recovered spontaneously about 80% of what she will recover. The other 20% will come from therapy and the determination of Jan's mind to heal. The prognosis from the family of faith is that she will be restored completetly.

Please remember Jan in your meditations and prayers, and help us encourage her to do what she needs to do to heal.


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