Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Jan is on the floor

Yesterday, Steve framed the paradox very well: wonderful news wrapped with serious concerns.

It is true, Jan is in the patient care unit (low level risk), but there are some challenges that Jan's brain still has to face: like gagging and swallowing. All of this will the result of the "re-wiring" her brain has to do, it has to "find" these functions once it knows other more important functions are stable. However, to do this re-wiring, she needs rest. A lot of it!. So, here are some ground rules for visitors (I am not trying to infringe on your rights to visit, only to make sure that Jan is not adversely affected by the deluge of your love.)

-if she is asleep, don't wake her up
-if you have a cold or any other contagious illness, wait until you are well. Her immune system is not 100% back yet.
-flowers (I need to find out if they are allowed)
-small get well cards would be more welcomed, and Jan loves to read your writings inside
-Women preferred to assist nurses in body washing. Please respect her dignity.
-Read to her when she is awake. Bring pictures of you and her.
-don't be loud as there is a neighbor in the room trying to get well.
-Keep in mind that Jan is the patient, and right now her needs are more important than ours.
-After a visit, please blog your impressions, This will be her memory of these days.
-When in doubt, ask. Guessing can be risky.

Thank you again for the many forms your support has taken.

I love you all, and I am sure Jan loves you more.


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