Friday, March 24, 2006

The unbearable lightness of love

This has been said before: the main lesson from this dark night for all of us is somehow related to love. Living and loving under the current circumstances are one and the same. This is the only metalanguage in which Jan can communicate without barriers and the one she definitely understands.

I have written a lot about how much I love her, but this morning she made a special effort to let me know how much she loves me back and worries about my health! The patient's role was totally reversed! I don't mind it. In fact, I treasure the lightness of knowing that I am loved as much or more than I love her. What a parable! As Henry Nowen wrote: we are the Prodigal Son, the Father and the Older Brother at different times. The roles change as life moves, but the fundamentals remain: love is perhaps the most important of them.

The "clinical team" confirmed this morning that Jan is coming home for the weekend! We got some training about how to negotiate the stairs at the fornt of the house. Please coordinate your visits to avoid traffic jams. Other than that, keep on loving Jan!



orestn said...

Wow! Even if it is only for a weekend, I'd still like to say Welcome Home Jan!

Iconoclast said...

Yahoo! Jail break! LOL If it's a weekend pass, I'm assuming it's for good behaviour...not sure whose though! :)

Just a wee note on coordinating visits and support.

If you'd like to help out with the 'jail break' please send an email to Some logistical support appreciated.

If planning a visit, the following have volunteered to coordinate for each of the 'community' groups just to avoid clumps and free F from managing it all.

family and friends - Steve
RUC - Joy
Sanctuary - Julia
Bethel - Sherry
Other -



sharon said...

Dear Jan

Home sweet home! Jan you are the Queen of hospitality & warmth & Love!

I am so excited & thank God for your visit home. I will be out of town in Fort Erie this weekend but my prayers & thoughts are with you and your family.

I look forward to hearing about your weekend home when I visit you again soon!

Fede I appreciate your beautiful update. Yes no doubt to me Jan is very open, honest, clear & a star when it comes to communication. (no matter what her state & this just proves it!)
Way to go Jan!

I love you & miss you alot!

Ret said...

Hi Jan! I wish I could visit you this weekend but I don't know your new address! THerefore I've emailed you to find out so that I may able to come over next time you're home for the weekend.

Katy said...

I am thrilled to hear you get to go home even if it is temporarily. I am so proud of you Jan. You inspire me with your courage. Hope your time at home is restful. I hope to come up to see you this week.
Blessings to you and Fede.
love Katy