Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Jan delivers a state of the hospital speech

Apologies to the readers of the blog for the blank page on Monday. Today's blog will make up for the missed news.

Jan is a teacher. It is not only her job, it is her call. Even bed-ridden in a hospital, with language challenges and weakness in her right side, she has a way of leaving lessons in everyone's lives. I am constantly learning from her about women, about communication, about faith, and above all about determination and love.

Jim, said prophetically a couple of weeks ago: "everything that's hers will be restored", echoing what P. Piesco also said: The Lord does not do half-done jobs, when He restored people, they were restored completely". When I have to choose between the medical statements based on clinical tendencies and averages on the one hand and on the other the bold, trusting statements of faith, I choose the latter in a blink. Today Jan continued her progress in part out of her sheer determination to get well, in part as the normal healing of her brain, but most of it because of the strong faith of so many friends that believed for Jan and I when we could not.

This morning Jan made statements of 3 or 4 sentences in length syntactically and phonetically correct. This continued in the evening visit during an hour wheelchair tour of every corridor in the hospital. Even in the evening when Steve and Sue came, Jan continued expressing her ideas with a lot more clarity than a few days ago. Four weeks ago, there were serious reservations about Jan's ability to talk at all!. The medical staff commented that it was possible that she had lost her ability to speak in the hemorrhage, if she could speak, it was possible that she had lost English. Well, tonight she was speaking in proper English.

Because of the place where the aneurysm happened, it was also anticipated that she would not move her right hand. Today, when I asked her to show me one finger in her right hand, she streched the five fingers with a huge grin on her face. She said, "I know, it is going back." Hoorray for Jan's right hand! I asked her to give me five and she did... With her right hand! It is weak and needs a lot of rehabilitation but it is there!

Jan also was moved to a private room D5-57. Her comment when we got into the room: "Wow! Look at all the space! Nice" After sending Steve and Sue home, she asked me to cuddle with her in her narrow bed. I tell you, that was a risky proposition, but she fell asleep in my arms. These ten minutes or so were worth all the Queen's jewels.

Also, as of tonight, there are no more sitters. When we told her, she was distressed. Eventually, she calmed down. The medical staff is pushing her to become more independent.

With so many good news, I went home with a heart overflowing with joy. Thank you for being there for Jan and the family, but remember, that there is still a long road ahead.



Katy said...

Praise God! I am so proud of you Jan. That's the loving and enthusiastice teacher I know. I am so thankful that God is healing you and that you have made some huge steps today! Perhaps I will come by and visit and sing when I get home from Calgary.
Fede- I am overjoyed for you. Praise God for your faithfulness.

Let us praise God with thanksgiving.


sharon said...

Dear Jan,

Thank you God for your Jan's Amazing progress!
It was such a joy to visit with you two days in a row (Monday & Tuesday). I may even be able to visit you again for a short visit.

It was such a beautiful experience to create a routine with our visit: to say a prayer for you, read the read, sing a song & the best part have a conversation with you. It's a blessing to hear your great efforts to talk. I see a great improvement in your attention span.

You appeared to confirm your understanding of memories which I talk about from the past by responding back with a sentence or even a question back to me not just nodding or saying yes (as you did last week).

I truly believe God is with you Jan. I know the journey is very challenging, slow & long. But I continue trusting that God has special plan for you. You are intelligent, talented & loving etc & have so much to offer. I learn so much from you. I am so inspired at your determination & focus.

It was a joy to seeing you eat your solid, REAL FOOD for your dinner- beef, real vegatables, apple juice, tea & chocolate pudding! (not mushed) on Monday on your own. I could see you wanting to do simple things we take for granted on your own & not be dependent on tools to help you - for example going to the bathroom.
Although I seeing you struggling to get onto the wheelchair from your bed & also see a courage from your efforts to lead a normal life.

Thank you God for Jan's continued progress. I especially ask God for the grace to continue lifting her spirits, for more strength & mobility to her right side & clarity with her conversations.

I look forward to seeing you soon in your new room.

Jim_n_Bren said...

Jan and Fede,

We're all so happy with each day's challenges and accomplishments.

Praise the grace and healing hand of God!

Our love and thoughts continue to come your way.


sharon said...

I forgot to also mention that one of the other very touching part of my visit was when I went to kiss Jan goodbye & tell her I loved her; she kissed me back. I had tears of joy.

Jan I enjoy reading the bible to you & I pray that God continues to guide you & gives you lots of encouragement.

I miss you!

Ret said...

Praise God! Talk about a radical answer to prayer! It's exciting to hear how you are recovering in dramatic leaps and bounds since the last time I visited you and to top it off, now you are in a private room! I can hardly wait to see you again now that conditions are becoming more Aspie-friendly for me and hopefully I won't feel as muddled during my next visit to you. GOd is doing a miracle in your life and I am so happy for you!