Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Sorry guys, I eloped yesterday from the daily blog. Here is what happened Tuesday.

-I got to Jan's room (I call it the penthouse -she laughs) to find a bag with food for me! Jan was having her regular solid food from the hospital gourmet menu (she has always told me quietly that the food in this joint stinks...). The plate was rather cold, so I asked Jan wether there was a microwave in the 'hood. She said "go right, then right and there you are". She was absolutely right! Many thanks to K. for the delicious meal. Yes, Jan also tasted it, and confirmed that it was a million times better than... well you get the idea.

-She took her walk around the unit only holding my hand. It took about 15 minutes. She did all the work. After that she was tired, so we sat transversally in her bed to watch the sunset colours in the sky. She could name a few.

-One thing Jan finds very difficult is to be dependent on others... I pray that this build more character in her. The second most difficult issue to deal with is the inability to communicate as before. She was used to go at 100 M/hr; now she has to go at 5 M/hr, with some trouble most of the time. It is terribly frustrating to be able to think what you want to say and not be able to say it. Those who learnt ESL know this feeling well when they were in the first stages.

-There are many lessons for those around her as well. There are many questions no one asks, or of they ask, they do it in their rooms, alone.

-All in all, as P. from Oregon said: "she is a lucky survivor". She has survived two operations and beat all prognosis so far... The doctor has mentioned that now that she has recuperated physically, she is in the list to get her bone flaps back in, as soon as there is a spot. She will be happy, because she keeps feeling her "dent" with her hand many times a days. She is definitely self-conscious about that.

-The day ended with a happy visit from M and M (not the candies) .

Keep blessing Jan in her race towards healing.


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sharon said...

Dear Jan,

I had an awesome time on my long 1 hour & 45 minute visit with you today. I shared some personal issues with you that I have been dealing with. You listened & at one point appropriately empathized with my final comment. I was deeply touched. Just like old times almost again. A start aleast is the best I can hope for.

Your friends from Runnymede church came while I was visiting. One of them played a few beautiful songs on the violin, which you enjoyed. It was a pleasure to hear you humming in tune to one of the songs and trying to mouth the words it seemed. You definitely knew the tune.

Then we went to the cafeteria or the "restaurant" as you called it in the wheel chair. You seemed so happy to go on this walk & your face was glowing & bouncing as we walked down the hall. You knew exactly where to go. You ate a bagel & water (terrible water it seemed to you in terms of the taste or something). You quoted that this was "fun"

Jan you definitely fun to be around and you appeared so cheery today.

Your communication is coming alot GREAT! aND even though you struggle & get disappointed with your mistakes, please know that you are making amazing progress. In God's time you will be communicating better & better each day.

The best part was when I was leaving & kissed you & said I love you. You kissed me back & said I love you. It was a dream from heaven. Jan, your friendship to me is a gift from heaven.

I keep praying for you everyday!

I love you very much & look forward to visiting you soon!!