Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sushi, Yakitora and Gyoza

Yesterday Friday, Jan left for the second time the hospital. When I entered her room, she was wearing a blue dress and a sweater. I asked her if the nurse had helped her get dressed up, she said she had done it by herself. She was wearing a huge smile.

After leaving the hospital for the second weekend pass, Jan enjoyed Japanese food. She was happy to be back in a restaurant. It brought back some sense of normalcy to her life. She enjoyed a Teriyaki beef dinner with a half a dozen small dishes with vegetables and jelly-like edible substances. She made faces to the taste of wasabe and to the strong flavours of some of the garnishings, she loved the tea, but above all, enjoyed the experience. Another simple action that most can take for granted, for her was an extraordinary experience.

We had a long conversation about her recolection of the hours before the aneurysm. I was astonished of the details she remembers. We also talked about the difficulty in communicating and our expectations of how much the rehab will be of help. Above all, she continues to have a strong faith that she is not alone in this...

Join her in her prayers.


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