Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter Friday

The expression on some faces was of utmost astonishment. A mix of dropped jaws and warm smiles welcomed Jan to Runnymede's Friday service. It was 10:30AM. The best day for Jan since February 10.

The day began early. I joined her for breakfast (I brought my own coffee and muffin, of course). I had with me a couple of dresses and jackets so she could dress up to attend the service. She looked so elegant, but unfortunately I had forgotten some essentials, so, we had to drive back home. Jan was a bit nervous because of the trip to the church. She had a mix of anticipation and anxiety. On the one hand, she talked about the music with glee, but was anxious about being surrounded by so many people at once.

There was a persistent light rain when we arrived at the church. On the steps going up to the main door, Jan lost a shoe. Luckily, Martha and Marianne were arriving and gave us a hand. Linda was suprised. She had planned to visit Jan in the afternoon at the hospital, and here she was! We took our sits and the service began. Jan kept her eyes closed for most of the music. She was in seventh heaven. At some point we went to the front to deposit a pair of nails we were given at the entrance. Close friends came to greet her. What a show of love and a great warm welcome.

Linda came home later, just as I made a mistake in my communication with Jan, which sent her into a crying and screaming mode. She tought I had said something hurtful, while I couldn't understand what the was or what her need was. After a while, with Linda's help Jan was back to normal.

Farah and Soco arrived from Ottawa and prepared a delicious Sushi dinner. Thanks! The day ended with Jan trying to tell me the notes for playing in guitar some of her favourite songs. She hasn't lost a bit of her musical ear.

May the paradoxical story of Easter renew your souls just as ours were.


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