Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Saturday

Jan was up at 6am, she saw that there was light and she was happy to get everyone going. This was the begining of the second day.

She enjoyed "molletes" for breakfast, and participated in some kitchen cleaning.

Her increased mobility has made this visit a lot more enjoyable for her and everyone else. She goes up the stairs with more certainty, with more control on the right leg. She now can take a few steps without any support. I walk behind, ready to hold her in case she trips, but she hasn't. Her conversation is clearer after eating or after sleeping. At noon we went food shoping, this time she was able to make it past the bread section. She walked almost 2/3 of the store, then just said she was tired and she was going to stay on the side while I finished the shopping.

Her conversations are engaging, although some people still have trouble understanding her because of a strong "cutney" (sp?) [Do you mean "Cockney"? -Steve] accent and the expressive aphasia in which she uses words that are similar but not the ones she wants to use.

In the afternoon Dad and Carol, Mom, and Steve came for a visit. To enjoy the lovely weather, we had a BBQ in the back porch. Omar, Farah and Maria were part of the group.

More stamina, more words, more mobility, more independence. Jan is moving steadily in her rehabilitation. She has, however, some doubts about her right hand. It is possible that she will not be able to regain all of the previous mobility, unless, of course, somehow The Lord gives her the impossible.

Continue to have a blessed weekend,



Ret said...

Hi Jan! It sounds like you've been having a pretty good Easter weekend so far! Praise the Lord! It is so exciting to hear of the progress you have been making. I want to visit you one of these days but I don't know when. Probably just after I finish my exams in a couple weeks when I get off school earlier. Life has been so busy!!
Hugs, 'Ret

Ret said...

BTW, what are mollettes? ;)

FC said...

Molletes are a Mexican version of bruchetas.

Iconoclast said...

Not to be confused with mullets which is an out-of-style hairstyle worn by guys from northern ontario. LOL