Monday, April 24, 2006

Foggy and rainy

Perfect weekend to just cuddle up, get the popocorn, drinks and good movies, and relax.

Jan did most of this, of course. I had to go to a Board meeting all day Saturday, while Jon enjoyed a couple of movies. Thanks to Omar and David for hanging out with Jan until I came back.

We did together some cooking, laundry and ironing (she supervised closely) and in the afternoon we went food shopping. She was quite overwhelmed this time by the visit to the food store and became upset for a while in the trip back home. She said that she had trouble choosing between so many options, problem solving became a difficult proposition. What is a pleasure for some -having many options to choose from, for her was an overload-

We had a couple of deep conversations about the future, hers and mine. What should we do, where should we live, how can we plan for June, when she will be at home. She will still need help in some activities and she cannot drive. In all, she remains very optimistic and confident that all this has a clear meaning and will result in growth and enhancement of our lives.

We went back to the hospital on Sunday night, after a nice dinner at home. She enjoyed the rice and teriyaki chicken a la "Mexican". Sometimes I think Jan and Omar are just too gracious and don't tell me what they really think of my cooking, well, too late for a career change.


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