Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Barbeque

And a lovely time was had by all!

This is Jan enjoying the great outdoors in her own backyard yesterday. (She wanted to look directly at me while I was taking this picture, but she is also self-conscious about pictures that show the side of her head where the bone is still out.)

The barbeque Fede mentioned below was a great success. Everyone--everyone!-- helped in some way in preparing and cooking the food, which was delicious.

The one sour note for Jan during the meal was that the slice of onion she asked for to eat with her hamburger was much too strong tasting, and this brought her to anguished tears for a brief time. We quickly removed the onion from her plate after the first bite, and that helped her to calm down. I am slowly getting used to the "hyper-emotional" responses such incidents cause in Jan these days, but it is still painful to watch and hear her in that state. It is all part of the process.

Jan was happy to see everyone during the visit, showing delight each time someone came through the door. She laughed in surprise when the Easter Bunny (me, in this case) showed up with a chocolate bunny for her.

For me, the highlight of the whole visit was the guitar duet played by Jan and Fede. They sat side by side with the guitar between them, so that Fede could strum, while Jan played the frets to produced the cords. And the cords she played were absolutely perfect, played without hesitation! Even her mouth worked correctly when she decided to change keys in one song: "I think in A... no, I'll try in G".

We're all aware of the whole left-brain/right-brain thing. This was a marvelous demonstration. Her right-brain, the artistic side, suffered no damage from her injury, and is clearly working perfectly. What a thrill it was to see and hear.

Happy Easter to all.


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Ret said...

Hi Jan! I found one of your Get Well cards in my backpack this morning when I was looking for my homework assignments. It must have stuck to me or my belongings last time I visited you at Sunnybrook!

It's nice to know that you and Fede are literally making beautiful music together!
Hugs, 'Ret