Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Vern and I went to visit Jan after work. On the way to the cafeteria we met Dr. Milani who invited us to his office. Jan and I discussd wiht him in detail our interest for a pass forthis weekend. He listened carefully, made a number of detailed questions and when he was satisfied that we are familiar with safety precautions for Jan he agreed to convey the message to the "team". They seem to be very keen about the safety of the patient, which makes me feel more trusting towards the hospital.

By this account, it looks like Jan will have a one or two day pass. We had planned going to Steve and Sue's with the rest of the family, but several of them are sick with a cold... louisegetwell, childrengetwell! we'll miss y'all. Jan is well and intends to stay that way.

You are more than welcomed to visit on Saturday, however, the doctor recommended to have small groups during the visit to give Jan a break. Just let me know when do you plan to come for a visit so we can stage all. Since David specializes in scheduling everyone to come at the same time, or fogetting to notify you, I suggest you remind him of the schedule via email. It think he is getting old... we may need to put him in a home... :)

Jan came to have a drink with us to the cafeteriam and then she beat the two of us playing cards while eating supper at the same time. During the conversation I felt asleep, and Vern dissapeared. Jan told me that I was snoring! How utterly embarrasing! Oh well...

Jan took a shower and then we read a couple chapters of Mark. She was very moved by the narrative. She was particularly interested in the part of "stay awake and pray".

Jan mentioned that her right side was feeling weird, tingling and too sensitive to the touch. Be gentle when you touch her on the right arm or shoulder... She continues searching for the right side. Today she was wondering whether this has been lost for good. We prayed and she felt asleep at about 8:15PM

During the following days her assessment will be completed and the team will have an idea of the length of time Jan needs to continue in rehabilitation. Some of it will be as inpatient and some will be as an outpatient. This will be an important day for both. Please continue your support in whichever way you have done it so far (meditation, prayers, visits, etc)

I made an appoitnment to see a therapists on Monday. It think I am bursting a the seams because of the stress... Thanks for your concern and loving support for both of us.


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