Monday, April 10, 2006

Aphasia, Apraxia

Anne and went to class with Jan today in the early afternoon. It was occupational therapy. Memory exercises, matching, alternating sequences, multiple tasking, and a short story the therapist wanted to work on, but Jan just said it was too much. Wothout a break, we whelled into the Speech and Language session. Another battery of assessment questions and exercises, and a very nice explanation of expressive aphasia [the broken link between thinking and choosing the correct words to express it] and apraxia [the broken link between thinking, choosing the words, and then having the mouth say something unplanned, as if it had a life of its own!] When I heard the definition of apraxia, I couldn't stop thinking about those that talk without thinking... what would this be? Apraxia -having a mouth that goes on by itself, totally disconnected from the brain-, or some strange form of aphasia[...] or probably is just being a blabbermouth :)

Jan works hard. She is aware of her own mistakes. She corrects quickly what she can see. However, she cannot read well the right side of pages, because of her diminished sight in the right eye. She needs to train moving her head to the right so her left eye can catch whatever is on the right field of vision. So far, we have been compensating for her by sitting on her left, now the therapist wants Jan to make the necessary adjustments to cover all she can. So next time you visit, try placing yourself in both fields of vision and reminding Jan that it is just practice.

I asked Jan what was happening to her right hand.
She said, I can't find it. It is not there. I am waiting for America.
I probed, did you say America?
She said, No! I can't find the wonder...
I helped, America, it a miracle?
She said, Yes! That's what it is!

So, there you have it. A request. You'll have to do some overtime, do some fasting, wake up earlier, rally your friends to pray, send pyramid emails asking for Jan's miracle, whatever you must do. Jan needs a miracle!



Anne from Lindsay said...

Dear Fede and Jan,
It was such a blessing to go with you both to Jan's therapy. I was so pleased to see her memory was perfect - she remembered all the things she was asked to. The multi tasking game was more difficult but I am sure when worked on that will improve.

Jan and I had a wonderful visit during the lunch hour. I even wheeled her outside so some sunshine and fresh air and she enjoyed that very much.

Jan's sentence structure is improving. Even since I saw her last week it has improved and I was thrilled to hear her speak so well.

We had some good hearted laughs too and that's always good for the soul.

Each time I visit I see the old Jan coming back and my heart sours with delight to see that.

We have to be patient for her because she is anxious to be all well again too. We need to encourage but not be impatient either - not easy when we want it for her too.

Fede - God Bless you and just remember Jesus has her in his care and will take good care of Jan.

My love to you both.
Anne :) xo

sharon said...

Dear Jan,

I do believe in miracles. Your progress to-date has been a continuous miracles. We all want a miracle for your right hand. I know is guiding you and providing you grace to slowing get your right back on track linked with your brain. I know you are doing your best & in time it will happen. I am confident because you have come so far since Feb. 10. I know it has taken a long time. But step by step you are doing AWESOME. I pray for more miracles step by step - in nature's and God's time it WILL happen. Jan, have strength & know that God is with you & has a plan for you you & Fede. I know it may seem that way but day by day I hear about your improvements & inspired at YOU!


Martha said...

Hi Jan,
It's been nice to hang out with you after work these past few days.
I am so encouraged by the progress you are making. It was awesome to hear you share your thoughts with the Dr. tonight!

Thanks for the spiritual discussions, you always stretch me just a little bit further!!! FYI-I did finally find and read that story in the Old Testament tonight (2 Kings 4).

I will give thanks for the miracles God has provided in your life and continue to pray for a miracle for your hand and shoulder.

Peace of Christ,