Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Threading hope

Jan had a less than plentiful day, full of anxiety, and low in energy. Was up in the morning for breakfast and some conversation, then, when I left, she felt asleep until the early afternoon. Mom and Louise came to visit and I got back to the hospital at dinner time. At one point she asked me to braid her hair. I tried a couple of methods and failed miserably. Then Louise had a try, but she was very sensitive and any stimulation was magnified, she expereinced a little pull of her hair as something really painful. After a few minutes of an emotional roller-coaster, she had her hair in a bun, not exactly what she wanted but she accepted the job. Her speech continues to improve little by little. Her energy is still limited to about an hour at a time. We packed her last cards and clothes. Steve and Sue came with a beautiful gift: a sculpture of two eagles soaring. Jan was really happy, because years ago she was told that she had to live life like an eagle. soaring high. We made plans for tomorrow, the moving day. They will come early in the morning to transport her in an ambulance to the Rehab hospital. She is looking forward to the change, but at the same time, anxiety took the best of her today. Pray that she keeps her inner strength and peace in spite of the external changes. Her strength in her right leg is increasing by the day. She was making horizontal and vertical movements with her right arm. Still the pathologists consider her as a patient with Aphasia and Apraxia. I don't know what to think about that. Jan is being challenging all prognosis and is determined to get well. The one thing that is still sure is that I have no name for her, I am Mom, Tom, Will, Peter, Tony, Andrew, Paul, Joseph, and everyone in between...I think I have gotten over my identity crisis. Please call the contact people to get detailed instructions of how to get there.



Martha said...

Those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

-Isaiah 40:31 (NRSV)

Dear Jan,
This was the scripture in my daily devotional this morning! How fitting for today. I am praying for you my friend and I look forward to seeing you in your new digs!

Peace, peace, peace of Christ,

God of hope and possibility,

We come to you singing your praises and dancing with delight; for you are our God from whom all blessings flow. You are the Lord who gives flight to our dreams, and we humbly wait in your presence.

We lift our sister Jan into the healing light of your love. We pray protection for her as she moves to a rehab hospital today. Be with her Lord as she wades into new waters.

Help us all to soar above the talk of diagnosis and prognosis and see what you see in Jan. Lord we have witnessed so much healing and we give you all the thanks and praise.

May you be with the new clinicians who will be supporting and encouraging Jan in her determination to recover. Grant them the understanding of what Jan needs, step by step, on this journey of healing.

We thank you Lord for your peace that passes all understanding and for your healing love that embraces each one of us.

In Jesus name,

Elizabeth said...

Dear Jan, You gave my children the gift of music, but more important you shared your life and love with them. They think of you often and at this time we will keep you in our prayers.
Love Elizabeth, Macey and Fraser

Anne from Lindsay said...

My Dear Jan,
Well today was a big day for you.

You relocated to B from the Hospital and all went well. When I visited you, your spirits were up. I stayed for while and you seemed to be getting tired, I am sure the move added to this.

Your new home at B is quite nice, window view of the park, we saw the snow fall, dogs run in the park and that was calming.

The staff there seemed very pleasant and helpful I am sure you'll have lots of work ahead of you on the rehab part - so may the Lord keep you filled with patience
strentgh to keep you going.

I delivered the card from Bethel to you today and I read some of the blessings to you and you smiled and new the names - that was a real treat for me.

Blessings are coming your way from all at Bethel - we love you so.

Love you sis.