Saturday, April 29, 2006

Anniversary Friday

Last night we celebrated Linda's birthday. Linda is our leader, a wonderful woman of God who's heart is as soft as a flower, whose teachings and actions are as hard as a rock. Jan and I owe her so much, including the fact that it was on one of her birthdays that Jan and I met. Hapy occasion in so many ways. Lovely dinner, true friends, Bright day. Everything was just perfect for a celebration and celebrate we did. Joy, as always, played a wonderful hostess. The troops, all of them, as loving and giving as always. David had given Jan a ride and I met them at the entrance. Jan was beaming, truly enjoying the moment. This was one of those gatherings that can explain the meaning of life.

Jan greeted some at the party and missed some, those on her right field. I hope no one felt ignored by Jan. She just did not register them because she didn't see them. Her speech was good at the beginning, although as the emotion went up, her speech became more garbled. Nonetheless, she just wanted to enjoy the moment. She talked to several one to one. I noticed that she could handle conversations in small groups well. After eating very well -I was reminded that she had dinner at the hospital before coming to the party!-, we went outside for a little respite. Too many people and too much noise made her feel overwhelmed. After about an hour, the presentation of the gifts started. I explained the meaning of our gift, and Jan to everyone's surpise, stood up and made a 1 minute speech, about how special Linda is for her and sending her a blessing. She found most of the words she was looking for, missed some, but compensated wonderfully with gestures and other ways of communication.

we left soon after because she had reached her limit. On the way home, after a cat nap, she commented very animated about the party. What a joy to see Jan so alive. A night like this made the last three months pale in our memories.

Thanks Linda, thanks Jan


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