Saturday, April 08, 2006

Talking cards and exercise

Jan is a people person. During her life she has invested a lot in developing her friendships. Now that she is in the hospital, you can see the returns of that investment. She loves the visits from her loving friends from a long time ago and from those she has recently met. She knows many of you don't come in person, but send little notes, or pray for her. She knows. You are the a source of strength for her, the voices that encourage her to get well. She knows she belongs and is embraced.

Some of you have gone the extra mile for Jan. Donna from N. Carolina, for example, has developed practical "talking cards" to help Jan. Thanks. Jan is helped by that, but she is more impacted by the love you show her by coming from thousands of miles away to visit her. I am amazed at the ease of communication between the two of you. This is what happens after you have knows someone for a long time: you need fewer words to say more. That's good mileage! Mom, in spite of her fear of driving in the city, comes all the way from Orillia to visit her daughter. Know that Jan notices this and appreciates it deeply. Dad and Carol, in spite of having gone through a surgery they keep visiting and showering Jan with love. Sue and Steve bring beautiful and very meaningful gifts that really get Jan's spirit soaring! Sue's willingness to do the "night shift" many a night while Jan was struggling in critical care, what a show of solidarity in time of need!. Anne, David, Joy, Julia, Martha, Katy, Sybille, Kate, Linda, Marianne, Jeannie, Linda Ruth, Sharon, others from RUC, The Sanctuary, and Bethel keep stubbornly believing that Jan would be restored and kept serving the best they could. You have been the friends that "lowered Jan's stretcher through the roof" when she could not ask by herself for healing. Barry and Ginette, your contagious happiness is always a boost for Jan. The many others I don't know or I don't remember now. Jan is well loved by all of you. And know that you are loved in return.

Louise, who has been an incredible sister to Jan. Her effort is noted, the sacrifices she makes to visit Jan, the willingness to spend time with her, the extra effort that Tony makes to allow Louise to be here, every little detail has been noted by Jan. We feel blessed immensely by having a sister like Louise.

At the end of the day, this is the greatest gift you can give to her: your love.

This is the basic bond of life, and Jan needs all the love you can give. The hospital can give her therapy and provide for her with the basic services she needs, but you can give her love.

Please do not stop.



lynnie said...


I love you and I hope you're adjusting well to your new surroundings. I love how you're flying in the face (like an eagle) of all medical and scientific predictions and prognoses. I know you will recover completely. I know in my heart of heart and soul of souls and I praise the Lord our God for carrying you in His arms in this process. I love you and will see you soon. I'm looking after your house up here in L. I'll get there soon. You told me a year and a half ago, "you're my pick". You're mine, too.



Ret said...

Wow! That's great Jan! Those cards sound like a wonderful idea. I wish I knew when I culd come and visit next. I have been so busy!

It is exciting to see how God is answering our prayers!!!