Sunday, April 02, 2006

Back to the hospital

Jan is back to her room. She was anxious to go back, and sad to leave the house. What a paradox!

She had a mixed weekend. Restaurant, shopping, visits, sleep, some anxiety about getting a sense of what was her life before and how strange it seems now. She had an incredible conversation with her parents and me, for about one hour she told us about what she remembers and how she sees herself now. Lots of insight and food for thought. One amazing memory she has is about the moment the paramedics put her on the strecher, then put her inside of the ambulance, and then, she just fell asleep. This is about 15 minutes after the burst of the aneurysm. Again, we were told she would not have any memories of two or three days before the event... We were thrilled to hear such story with such clarity and precision.

I forgot to mention that on Saturday we had the services of a great butler, I would recommend his services, in particular his dish-washing transferable skills. Thanks David for the great service.

This morning she was not in the best space. We were unaware of the change of time, so we lost one hour of action. After breakfast she was irritable. It could have been my cooking or my sense of humor, who knows. Sharon came for a visit; at lunch time we went to Swiss Chalet and from there to the hospital.

She will be getting ready for the move onTuesday or Wednesday. so we had to do some packing of all the presents and tokens of good wishes in her room. Chocolates gallery, flowers, cards, toys, clothes, shawls, sleeping gear, etcetera, etcetera. After 52 days, she had accummulated quite a bit of stuff. I had already brought some home on Friday. She is looking forward to the change, but at the same time she is apprehensive.

Change is always difficult, in her case this is magnified. Please pray for peace, that her heart be still and secure, that the family and friends be understanding and supportive.

Keep connected,



Janet Russell said...

I am praying for Blessings and Progress for your Physiotherapy at the new residence. I am hoping to visit as soon as I can.

sharon said...

Dear Jan

I wanted to thank you so much for the special visit I had with you on Saturday & particularly Sunday. It was like old times again. Thanks for listening when I needed a friend during my difficult experience in my life. I could have talked to any of friends on Sunday afternoon regarding my personal issue but you came to my mind. Thanks for being there, for your listening, your empathy & questioning. I deeply appreciate it.

It was great to be surrounded on Saturday with you, Steve, Sue & family.

I value your friendship very much & praying for continued blessing from God for your physically & emotional healing.

Love always