Friday, April 07, 2006

First day at the Rehab Hospital

I know I spent less time with Jan on her first day at B. than Sue did, but I did spend an hour or so with her while Sue was out having tea with Donna from the US.

I got to Jan's new room some time around 3pm. Although Jan seemed tired, she was not 'nodding off to sleep' tired at all, and was in very good spirits. It was really nice to see so many smiles and to hear so many laughs from her near the end of a long and stressful day. Now that's progress! Her speech continues to improve, as others have said, but she doesn't always see it. When you visit, if you honestly notice she's speaking better than the last time you saw her, be sure to let her know.

One big change I've noticed in her behaviour is her own reaction to her odd speech patterns and inability to find the words for her thoughts: she repeatedly just laughed - a sort of 'oh well, can't get it now' laugh. Before, she would often react with real anguish and frustration. I don't think for a minute that that reaction is gone for good, but the ability to laugh at the situation is a wonderful addition!

(We also shared a gentle laugh when we noticed the lady in the bed across the room had fallen asleep while still holding her magazine up as if for reading. How did she do that?)

On a personal note, the B. Hospital is in a neighbourhood I used to live in, and I told Jan I used to do wind sprints on the very running track she can see from her window. I even had a house-mate who worked in this hospital. It was nostalgic being there.


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