Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The waiting time

Jan was watching television when I arrived. She had her walker by her side. When she saw me coming out of the elevator, she stood up, walked about 5 to 8 meters without any help and said: where were you? She then, grabbed my arm and walked back to the chair. I was very impressed. She told me that she had learned some important things today from one of the therapists about walking straigt and this helped her a lot.

She showed signs of a short memory functioning well when she told me about the visit of Louise and her parents, about her classes and her version of why several of her neighbours are there. One of her roomates talked to about five different people for almost two hours non-stop! Jan has a keen sense of humour and laughs more often now. Maybe she will become a writer when she comes back home and write good comedy. For some reason, life was hilarious to her.

She has been practicing writing in her binder, but I noticed that visitors are not writing their impressions on Jan's progress or the words that she needs to learn. Remember that her rehab is everyone's job.

She went to bed at 7:55pm.



Ret said...

Hi Jan!
I am hoping to see you next Tuesday or Wednesday. I didn't know I was supposed to write in that book you showed to me. I felt so stupid and awkward last time I visited, not to mentioned overwhelmed. It was one of those embarassing "Aspie" moments for me. Hopefully it will be easier for us to communicate this time. It is exciting to read abut the progress you are making every day.

sharon said...

Dear Jan & Fede,

Thanks for the reminder about writing in the book regarding Jan's progress. I will do it next time I visit perhaps maybe today.

I believe Jan's memory is incredible at times. The last time she asked if it I was living in the Beaches. I used to live in the beaches two years ago & almost moved there last summer which Jan was aware about. On my next visit with Jan at B. Jan asked me where I was living. This was another indication of her memory of our last conversation as this question was a key point in our last conversation. She often opened the bible and made references to things in the bible as wisdom to our conversation.

She also asked me some challenging questions as the old Jan did regarding my situation. She told me how she remembered the two hours before the anerisym (spelling) & spoke of the 3 weeks not remembering anything.

Jan you continue to amaze me more & more. I can hardly wait to see how you will use it in MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD!