Saturday, April 01, 2006

Saturday at home

Sleeping in, having tea and breakfast without any rush, listening to music, then taking another nap. This was Jan's morning. Relaxed, with all the time in the world to just be.

At noon, Jan went shopping for food. That's right. she went pushing the shopping cart from the parking lot all the way up on a movator and then throught the produce and bakery sections, until we got to the cereals, where she spotted a small step and decided to sit there while I went looking for a few more items. She latter went throught the self-serve check-out where she struggled with the logic of the machine... and then back home.

Many thanks to Wolf and Monica for the delicious lunch they brought and prepared. What a treat! Jan was very happy. Latter, the whole Walton clan descended from ip norht and for a moment, it just felt like a party. Nice to see the strong connection between Jan, her siblings and her parents. A lot of unspoken communication was going on there.

Thanks toe ceryone who made this a nice Saturday for Jan.


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Ret said...

WOW! That's great! I am so happy for you! Janette wants to know when she can see you but she doesn't know where yuo'll be. She's got a little present for you!
Grocery shopping! Way to go! It's amazing how many of us take such a thing like that for granted! It sounds like you're recovering in leaps and bounds! Keep it up! I'm hoping to see you again sometime soon.