Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Steve and Martha were visiting when I arrived at Jan's room. She now has a new neighbor, an aboriginal lady from Toronto. So, the room is quite multicultural: am elderly lady from Eastern Europe, another lady from India, and Jan, from the remote woodlands of Orillia.. Jan is quite friendly wiht everyone of the neighbors, she seems to thrive in this in promptu community.

The doctor came to visit and we had a chance to talk about the weekend pass in more detail. He deferred the decision to the "team", in particular to the physio-therapist. It is good to see some changes from the time when the doctors decided everything, even when they didn't have the best data or first hand knowledge about the patient. He is a young physician, I hope this translates into a more open mind. He reminded me of the many young doctors I work with.

Jan was then, sharing a dream she had. Not quite sure if it was during the time she was unconscious or later. Quite fascinating seeing the energy she invested in trying to communicate the details of the dream.

Here is where Jan is:

Her language and cognitive skills continue to improve.
She is becoming stronger physically.
Her emotions are more stable, she has developed a good ability to laugh at her own mistakes.
Her frozen right shoulder will take 12 to 18 months to get back to normal functioning.
Her hand needs more work. The whole right side is very sensitive to the touch, in particular the hand.
She is in a very good spirit with the prospect of having a weekend pass.

More to come...


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