Friday, May 19, 2006

Another milestone

You continue to challenge yourself sometimes with a smile on your face, sometimes with a cry on your lips. This morning the anesthesiologist told you that therapy would do only so much for you, the biggest improvement would come from your own determination to get better. And this is exactly what you are doing: pushing yourself beyond the limits that aphasia and right neglect impose on you. Keep up the effort!, there will be a big reward at the end of this process.

Since last Monday you have more mobility on your shoulder because of cortizone. However, this also brought you pain and discomfort for the rest of the week. This morning, while waiting for the preparation bloodwork, you began feeling a lot of pain. When we left the hospital you were in tears and unable to walk because of the pain. A volunteer lady wheeled you to the car. Some days are good, there is little pain; some other days, not too good, like today, when you had more than your share of pain.

You have gained a great deal of mobility on your right leg; in fact, you walk very confident when holding my arm. Only when you are alone you use the walker. Today you mentioned the possibility of trying a cane to keep your balance.

Your right hand has remained weak and not very coordinated. Tonight, while having supper at home, you took a fork, placed it on your right hand, scooped some food from your plate, moved slowly your hand towards your mount, and.... took a mouthful of my version of Dal and Cholle (Indian cuisine). Your face illuminated with a great smile. You have reached another milestone on your rehabilitation! You were using your right hand to feed yourself!. With slow and tentative movements you continued for a while, until you decided to eat faster and changed hands.

After dinner, you went straight to the sink and using both hands, you washed most of the dishes!!! What a treat to be witnessing this events. One day we will laugh at how these movements most take for granted, meant so much for us both.

I felt thankful. This was the best confirmation of grace and love from above at the end of a rough week. When all seems to be at the edge of an abyss, you showed me many reasons why I should trust and wait for the Kairos.



Anne from Lindsay said...

Whoowhooo - washig the dishes with both hands what an amazing leap!! God is awesome.

Fede your blogs are so heartfelt and I just want to take this time to thank you for them. I am getting to know your heart thru them and what I read, well, I can see why Jan fell in Love with you. You are a gift from God.
Thank you for taking such great care of my sister in Christ - whom I love with all my heart and mind.

Have a great long weekend.

Love and prayers always.

Anne :) :) :) xoxoxoxoxox

FC said...

Dear Anne, is the kind of love you have for Jan that gives her the strength to go trough all of this, and makes the waiting worthwhile.