Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Purple Flowers and care givers

You were asleep when I called this morning. You were asleep when I called at lunch time. You were asleep when I got to the hospital just before. You were tired and with low energy, but very clear in your speech. Day of recovering from the pain from the last two days. When you are tired, you sound softer, more fragile, you speak as if you wanted to keep the rain suspended, silent, on the liquid side of your window.

Today was raining most of the day; a perfect day to just get under the blankets and see the rain fall. Let others get wet, look at the clouds move fast, hear the thunder in the distance and remember your childhood days, walking under the rain back home.

I remember one of the girls from RUC commenting that you speak with this "Parisian" accent; low, velvety voice, a distinct pronunciation with a peculiar swaying of each word, until you come to that particular word that you can't find. How romantic and accurate this description of a passionate person, your passion is revealed even in your "accent".

You will have some bloodwork on Friday morning in preparation for the surgery next week. I was delighted to hear that you were really concerned about missing speech therapy. I am sure Sol will feel the same. Tonight there was a conference on Aphasia t the auditorium. You wanted to go to your room but sent me to the conference. I was amazed at what I heard: relatives speaking of a few words after 5 years of therapy, six months without any words, really broken language. I felt grateful for what I see in you. In only 12 weeks you are already debating any topic, walking around and making friends with just about anyone who crosses your way.

You got beautiful purple flowers from Vivian's garden, so fitting to your window, providing a perfect contrast to the grey background of this rainy day. Kate (?) came also to visit. I could not get the names, but from your comments I am certgain you had a wonderful time with them. Rain, flowers, friends, nice memories, the certainty of God's love, what else can one expect from life?



Martha said...

Hi Jan,
Sorry I haven't been able to visit lately, but I'll be back next week!
I love the image of the lilacs from Vivian's garden in your room.

My prayers are with you daily and I thank God for your amazing progress. As May is speech language and hearing month I am praying for all families who are effected by communication difficulties.

Love and Blessings,

Here are the answers to the quiz...

May is Speech and Hearing Awareness Month

The Hollywood Celebrity Walk and Talk of Fame Trivia Quiz Answer Sheet

1 In the recent Irish film Rory O’Shea Was Here, the lead character Michael Connelly (played by Steve Robertson) has mobility and severe speech problems because of ____________. Answer: cerebral palsy

2 What do Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin, James Earl Jones, Mel Tillis, Tiger Woods and Bruce Willis ALL have in common? Answer: They ALL stuttered

3 In the 1989 film My Left Foot, based upon a true life story, the main character, Christy Brown, cannot speak but expresses himself through __________and __________. Answer: poetry and painting

4 The movie A Fish Named Wanda would not necessarily be a popular movie among people who __________because of its negative depiction of their speech problem. Answer: stutter

5 In the movie Diamonds, Kirk Douglas plays a boxer who has had a stroke. In this movie, he receives professional help and falls in love with his ______________. Answer: speech therapist

6 In the Emmy-winning film Tuesdays with Morrie, Morrie Schwartz begins to have speech and swallowing problems because of ___________ Answer: ALS

7 This famous actor, ____________, who played in the 1978 version of Superman had speech and swallowing problems because he was ventilator dependent. Answer: Christopher Reeves

8 The 1962 film, The Miracle Worker, directed by Arthur Penn, was about the life of ______________. Answer: Helen Keller

9 In the 1991 movie Regarding Henry, the main character (played by Harrison Ford) plays a rich lawyer who has everything until his life is radically changed by a _____________, resulting in cognitive communication difficulties. Answer: traumatic brain injury

10 In the movie Nell, actress Jodie Foster plays a woman who has bizarre and incomprehensible speech patterns because she lived an isolated life with her twin sister and her mother whose own speech was changed by a series of __________. Answer: strokes

11 In the 1998 movie Paulie, the main character, a little girl with a stuttering disorder, is taught to speak by her __________. Answer: parrot

12 What do Cher, Whoppi Goldberg and Tom Cruise all have in common?______________ Answer: Dyslexia

13 Marilyn Monroe had such a breathy quality to her voice because she ___________________. Answer: stuttered

Anne from Lindsay said...

Hello Fede and Jan,
Jan it was such a treat for me to go to physio with you on Wednesday, Jaisa is a lovely O.T.

Your progress was worth celebrating for. You did so well. The we had a wonderful lunch together with Vivian and Kate too - what nice friends you have from R. Church.

Then we all went for a lovely walk into the park - the weather has perfect - sunny and warm.

I came with a surprise for you and I was so happy to give it to you.

I left with mixed feelings, as I bent down to give you a kiss and it hurt your neck and for that I am trully sorry.

I love you Jan and I am looking forward for you and with you to get your bone flap back in.

Fede you are a most wonderful husband and I lift you and Jan up to our Lord.

Many blessing on you.

Love Anne :)