Thursday, May 18, 2006

Rest and grace

Dearest Jan, I found intriguing your interpretation on grace, as a fact in the past, something already given, just waiting for me to acknowledge and accept it. then, as a natural consequence, extend the same grace to others. What a simple, yet complex matrix on which to build a different reality.

I know you are a different woman today from the woman that three months ago landed in an operating table struggling to stay alive. Something has changed dramatically in your reality. This morning I asked you if you prayed, you answered: No. Then, I probed, how can you stay in touch with The Lord? You said, I don't need to, because He is all around me all the time. Whata reality changer thsi statement can be!

Today you were busy with occupational, speech and other activities. At the end of day, however, you found the right words to give DN the sermon of the day. Your speech was very clear and articulate. Another day closer to the end of May and your return home. I anxiously wait for that day.


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Iconoclast said...

Dear Jan:

Yes, the 'sermon of the day' was for me indubitably.

"Have you risen from the dead?" you queried.

I laughed out loud and said "What a delight to hear you and your gift so alive!"

Gently you leaned forward, tilted your head and said so clearly "You haven't answered the question...have you risen from the dead? (pause) You must live it."

Thanks for the reminder. Yes, I am risen from the dead. I'm practicing living it. Sometimes the graveclothes remind me of what is no longer true.

I recall one of your heros and his book "Sermons in Solitary Confinement" and see that you are writing yours...and practicing on unsuspecting (at times unsavory or unsettled) visitors!

His life and presence shine through you!