Saturday, May 06, 2006

Daily life

Jan used te be a busy woman; her weekends were busy with the workshop and lecture circuits. She atttended two services and managed to keep in touch with people from at least five communities she had belonged to in the past. She loved challenges, the bigger the better. Jan is not as busy now. She was forced to slow down. What she calls life now is a series of everyday events that most consider irrelevant. It is in these small events where she find her big challenges today.

This morning she changed the cat litter, but no sooner she had started the cleanup, she was already asking for water, paper towels, clean litter replacement, etc. She forgot to plan and collect all the utensils she needed to do the job. This planning skill is the focus of her occopational therapy. She needs to become independent to the point where the hospital will consider that she is ready to go back home.

Many everyday details become mountains to Jan. She, however, continues to push herself and go forward.


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