Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Life book

A blog is a blog is a blog. In cyberspace one is supposed to write anonymously. It is an open virtual world, where the rules of the real world supposedly do not apply; or do they? Is it possible to leave on the side of the keyboard your own principles and just blog freely? It is more likely that our principles and values go wherever we go, that this "world of norms and values" we so earneastly fight, is really the only version of reality we have learnt, internalized and built over a lifetime. Any resistance to it is futile and probably self-deception. A blog will not help us unlearn who we are and how we think, let alone how we behave.

Jan reminded me of how much what I write in this blog is my take. I have been providing feedback to the speech therapist and jan wrote on her notebook her own reply to my observations! That's right, she wrote her reply! The writing needs some work for clarity but she has begun to "challenge" other people'sobservations. Yes! Jan continues to come back.

We took a long walk on the park next to the hospital. We walked about 1 Km. Jan was tired after that, but happy and relaxed. Jan is coming back!

Thank you for your faithful support in prayers and letters and emails and your unconditional love for us. It is blooming in due time.



sharon said...

Dearest Jan,

It's great to your of your amazing God. I continue to see God Grace and wisdom is with you. Good to hear that you are starting to reply/challenge the observations written the your communications book. Perhaps one day you will even reply back to these blogs. One step at a time.

I ritually read this blog every day before I begin my day and I continue to pray & keep you in my thoughts and spirit throughout the day. You will always be a special friend to me. I cherish your friendship so much.

I look forward to seeing you soon. I have been ill (just the flu, coughing, sneezing) over the past 2 weeks and then it disappeared and now I got it again. I didn't want to pass any infection to you since you getting so strong & healing so miracleously day by day.

Fede, thank you so much for keeping up dated everyday. It means the world to me to hear about Jan's progress & the stories of your lives through this journey.

Jan I miss you so much. See you soon!


Martha said...

MAY IS SPEECH, LANGUAGE & HEARING MONTH....and I know how much Jan loves a good game, so take the quiz and check back in a few days for the answers!

The Hollywood Celebrity Walk and Talk of Fame Trivia Quiz

1. In the recent Irish film Rory O’Shea Was Here, the lead character Michael Connelly (played by Steve Robertson) has mobility and severe speech problems because of ____________.

2. What do Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin, James Earl Jones, Mel Tillis, Tiger Woods and Bruce Willis ALL have in common?

3. In the 1989 film My Left Foot, based upon a true life story, the main character, Christy Brown, cannot speak but expresses himself through __________and __________.

4. The movie A Fish Named Wanda would not necessarily be a popular movie among people who __________because of its negative depiction of their speech problem.

5. In the movie Diamonds, Kirk Douglas plays a boxer who has had a stroke. In this movie, he receives professional help and falls in love with his ______________.

6. In the Emmy-winning film Tuesdays with Morrie, Morrie Schwartz begins to have speech and swallowing problems because of ___________

7. This famous actor, ____________, who played in the 1978 version of Superman had speech and swallowing problems because he was ventilator dependent.

8. The 1962 film, The Miracle Worker, directed by Arthur Penn, was about the life of ______________.

9. In the 1991 movie Regarding Henry, the main character (played by Harrison Ford) plays a rich lawyer who has everything until his life is radically changed by a _____________, resulting in cognitive communication difficulties.

10. In the movie Nell, actress Jodie Foster plays a woman who has bizarre and incomprehensible speech patterns because she lived an isolated life with her twin sister and her mother whose own speech was changed by a series of __________.

11. In the 1998 movie Paulie, the main character, a little girl with a stuttering disorder, is taught to speak by her __________.

12. What do Cher, Whoppi Goldberg and Tom Cruise all have in common?___________________

13. Marilyn Monroe had such a breathy quality to her voice because she ___________________.

Our thanks to quiz creator Julianne Labreche, speech-language pathologist, The Ottawa Hospital