Monday, May 29, 2006

Back to Rehab

Because of paper work and hospital rules you were stuck at SB. When I arrived for a short visit on Saturday evening, I was surprised to hear that somehow the nurses had decided to get you ready for a day pass. So, I got a wheelchair for you and, in your hospital gown we left the hospital through the back door.

You had a relaxing Sunday. Your speech seems a bit garbled. I wonder if the medication to control seizures is affecting your speech. We will have to discuss this with the doctor. We spent most of the day in the backyard. Louise came with her family. You enjoyed the visit of little Christopher and a lively conversation with Sarah. Later, Steve and Sue came by. We went for some ice cream and then to a nearby park. It was a lovely day, and you enjoyed every bit of it.

We went back to SB Hospital in the evening. You were tired and with some pain in your abdomen. Your stapled-together head seems to be healing fast. It will be a matter of time before your scars heal completely and your hair grows back.

You said you felt fragile, and looked so. Even though you will soon be at home, there is still more healing to happen and I can see you are doing your part. The rest is beyond us.

I feel blessed by the happy time we had.


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