Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Family meeting

There was a family meeting at 3pm with the speecha and language pathologist. Sol wanted to update the family about Jan's progress and activities. She is a good teacher: came prepared with all materials, clear explanations and an excelent explanatory method of complex matters. On top of that, she brought fruit, cookies and cheese to the meeting for the participants! I would give her a 100%. Too bad I am not her boss, so I will just wish she gets a raise.

Jan was very attentive throughout the whole session which lasted a bit over 2 hours. She participated like anyone else clarifying and adding to the explanations given. Great effort on her part and very satisfying for most members of the family to hear the great progress she has made in the last few weeks.

Jan is diagnosed with moderate to severe Expressive Aphasia; Moderate Apraxia, and mild Receptive Aphasia, which means that she has a long way to work on (1) rebuilding the connections betwen her ideas and the dictionaries in her head, (2) between knowing the words she wants to use and being able to make the mouth actually pronounce them and (3) decoding what people tell her, in particular if the surroundings are too noisy or there is more than one conversation at a time.

Whenever you are visiting, please make the point at the beginning of asking Jan for her communication binder where you can read a bit more on the strategies to communicate with Jan and where you can write those darn words that just refuse to show up in Jan's speech. If you want to have a satisfactory visit, you will have to learn the rules of engagement, or else you may end up having a monologue.

Admirable woman. Jan continues her struggle to get well. Lots of work. Great determination is expected. Strong faith. An open mind, and above all, a great capacity to love the gifts of life and rejoice in what she already has and is.



Ret said...

Hi Jan! It was good to see you yesterday and exciting to see the progress you're making! Praise God! :)
Hugs, 'Ret

Martha said...

Fede: I agree, Sol, the Speech Language Pathologist is great! It's nice to hear someone sing praises for our profession as we usually have a low profile in the medical and educational worlds.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to let all the blog readers know that May is Speech Language and Hearing Month.

Celebrating Communication

May is Speech and Hearing
Awareness Month

Ottawa, ON - May is Speech and Hearing Awareness Month. Many of us take our hearing and ability to speak for granted. Whether we are talking with a group of friends, playing a sport or listening to the radio, our ability to communicate is vital in our everyday activities. For 1 in 10 Canadians however, speech, language or hearing problems are a daily challenge. These communication disorders significantly affect the work, school and social aspects of the lives of tens of thousands of Canadians, of all ages. Few of us could ever know the isolation and frustration they face.

The Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (CASLPA), and our 4,800 members across the country are working together throughout the month of May to raise public awareness concerning the professions and the many issues surrounding speech, language and hearing disorders. Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists are highly trained professionals who work daily with Canadians of all ages to help them deal with many different types of communication disorders. Whether working with a hearing impaired child, or a person recovering from a stroke, they strive tirelessly to help improve the quality of life and health of the people they serve.

May Month has been celebrated across North America since 1927 and promotes and celebrates both the professions and the contributions made by speech-language pathologists and audiologists to the health of our country. Watch for exciting events in your community such as hearing screenings, speech clinic open houses, contests, radio talk shows and other activities.

CASLPA is a not-for-profit association supporting the professional needs of its members through a wide variety of services, programs, and personal benefits, including a national certification program for individuals and accreditation for facilities. If you would like to know more, please visit our website or contact your provincial Speech and Hearing Association.