Thursday, May 11, 2006

Many languages

Dear Jan,
Everybody knows that you speak several languages: the languages of speech, syntaxis and grammar, the language of music, the language of emotion, the language of the soul, the language of creativity and art, the language of character, and many others. I know, you speak French, Portuguese and Spanish. All of these languages have one thing in common: expression of being. Jan, you know well how to fully be in the moment, letting go of the time past, and looking foward to being more in the time to come. Yes, I see you have that rare ability to live fully the moment when most are trapped in the guilt of the past or the fear of the future. You don't believe in God, you know, and it is this knowledge of deep truth that frees you to live now what you have been told.

I really enjoyed our conversation tonight. I shared with you my lessons of the week, the challenge to jump and to know that the net will appear; the unbelievable lightness of heart I experience when I just trust Him; the simple, yet profound lesson that even in hurricaines there is calmness below the surface, that when my feelings are reeling all I need to do is look at the quiet places below them. Hard lessons, though to fully understand them at first. I struggle to open my ears and my eyes to the essential truth of the Lord of life.

I know you know this well. You knew it before you went to the hospital, but your stay there has deepened this knowledge. Clearly, the many hours of silence have sharpened your mind. Tonigh, you listened carefully and joined me in my joy. You laughed so hard... just because I got what I got when I got it (this is one of your favorite phrases).

I can see you are mastering many languages that Aphasia cannot touch, like the language of the heart. You said many things without words. Someone told me that you carry your feelings in your sleeve. Well, that's wonderful! because your communication goes beyond mere words...



Ret said...

Hi Jan!
Here be linkage Richard loaderized up on the 'net for me of the "Magic Carousel" music video Janette and I did in 1994 and my claymation cartoon from film-making class in 1983! Enjoy!

Ret said...

P.S I want to organize a special soiree, probably around the time of my birthday to invite all the wonderful influential people who have been my mentors/allies and believe in my talent to discuss creaive dreams and future plans, but I don't know where to have it yet. I'll keep you posted on details...You're invited! :)