Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Theocratic life

Journey of a Creative Playful Explorer: "received an email from my church mailing list. It was a prayer request for another family that just recently and suddenly lost a member to an aneurysm. [....]

Thanks for your comment about the blog yesterday. It was just a postcard of my feelings.

I found your questions about life and death very intriguing. I do not see both as the result of some democratic process, but rather both appear to me as the instances in which we are the most powerless and on which we have the least say. Life and death are both gifts. Birth: The gift of entering this reality to experience the good and the bad. Death, the gift of entering another reality loaded with the experiences we collected from life.

One dies of aneurysm, another survives. One had completed the journey the other still has more time to go. I don't need to believe that God decides when someone is born or someone dies. It is just part of the package, everyone has to touch both ends of the wrapping. How we are born or die must be last in God's list, God must be more interested in how we lived the time we were given, how we filled our days, how we learned to relate to ourselves, to others, to God.

We choose to feel sad in front of death. But by the same token I could choose to feel sad in front of life when it has been stripped of the most important tools the made Jan who she is. Suddenly a brave, intelligent and articulate woman is sent back to grade 1 and has to relearn to rad, write and speak! I rather choose to feel grateful for both, because both are only as relevant as the parenthesis characters envolving a central idea.

But then again, maybe I am totally wrong.


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