Thursday, May 25, 2006

Post Surgery Report

Dear Jan, this morning you were up really early: at 5am you were waiting for me to drive you to Sunnybrook. We got there by 6:10am and soon after you were on your way to the OR. Seing your face on the strecher going through the glass doors of the operating area, filled me with happiness. I knew with all certainty that I was supposed to be here at your side, for this, I continue trusting that each day is another oportunity to celebrate life and determination and love by loving with all we have received from the Lord.

You got your bone flaps back! But had a rough day. Stitches, a patch, a big headache, and some other complications filled your afternoon. You were tired and sensitive. I hope that this will soon pass and you will continue you rehab. It looks like you will have to stay at Sunnybrook for an extra day or two. Not sure what the doctor will decide tomorrow.

We will support you in prayers and we send you all of our love.


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sharon said...

Dear Jan,

I know God is with you. I pray for full recovery of your surgery and post-surgery headache, sensitivity, complications etc. May your healing bring you peace & joy.

I agree Fede, Jan's head does not make a difference (or anyone's for that what - whether it be their head,race, color etc). It's what's inside someone's soul, their values, their love & who they are means more to me.

Jan I love you & can hardly wait to see you soon. I miss talking to you & just being with you.