Saturday, May 27, 2006

The story of Job

I saw you this morning sitting on our bed with a look on your face that screamed: Why I am here and not at the rehab class? The main nurse came to tell us that you will be back at the rehab hospital Monday at 10am, but of course, this wrecks your schedule, and you let the nurse know in no uncertain terms that this was not acceptable! For goodness sake, what has the world come to? How can they not see that you will miss your physiotherapy? Oh, brother....! And that Irish look was all over your face...

Well, not everything was this frustrating. You have had a good breakfast less the bread less than an hour before, but you went to the cafeteria with me anyway. We talked about my week at work, about the plans, about the lessons and about how much your story sound like Job's. Your face lit up with every connection we made between you experience and Job's, and every time you agreed that this was real "walking on water"; that living according to the kingdom's rules does not guarantee an easy path, that the only thing we receive to face the challenge is the certainty that He will be with us regardless of how terrible the storm looks. You are an awesome living example of someone being tossed into the storm, who keeps finding right underneath the wind and the waves an incredible peace in the certainty that you are carved in the palm of His hand.

You were quite interested on talking about coming home probably next week -that is if your healing is good-. We talked about the practicalities of everyday life. You were thrilled that I will spend more time with you. I saw you happy that I am also learning to trust His grace, and took the risk of getting out of the boat, if I really want to walk on water as well. Where will we live and what the living arrangement will be, we don't know, but you and I feel very calm and sure that everything will come into place as it should be.

We saw Dr. Schwartz going up in the elevator, you waved at him and he waved back with a smile. Too bad we didn't catch him to ask a few questions.

We went back to your room. You were happy until you saw again the nurse... Your face changed in a second. When the nurse saw you, she just walked in a different direction. Awh man! You are becoming Jan the terrible!

We wandered how your story will end...



Julia_A said...

Hi Jan,

I hope that you are starting to feel better after your surgery. You've been in my thoughts and prayers this week as always. There is not a day that passes when I am not amazed at the amazing strength that you've shown throughout this entire trial. Your strength and resiliance is inspiring. I prayed that God would give me a word for's what I got:

Jan you are an oak tree with deep roots, and many rings of character that originate from the very core of your being. With each ring comes renewed strength. You have beautiful leaves and each of your beautiful leaves show off something wonderful about you to the outside world. Through seasons of your life your leaves may fall and change colours, but they will grow back stronger and more beautiful than before. When the leaves fall they are not wasted but they become seeds planted in the hearts of those around you.

I believe that the Lord has you carved in his hand and loves you dearly. He looks upon you as an instrument of his glory and grace and as a demonstration of His love and character. I also know that I am just one of the many who you've inspired.

I love you Jan.

Ret said...

Your progress has been amazing! I am looking forward to seeing you again. My last day of school is June 23rd and I will likely have about a week off between then and when I start my full-time volunteering at Kerry's Place so I hope I can visit you during that free time. Do you know when you're moving yet?