Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jan's Plans

Many people have asked me about the long term plans for Jan. But, before we get to this let me tell you what I heard from Jan today: She said that no one had visited her today! I told her that I was totally crushed with such news. I could not imagine that all her loving friends had deserted her [...I raised my hands and my voice...], this was totally unconstitutional and against her right to a good visit from her friends. She laughed and said: "you are so funny". So much for my career as advocate of the lonely.

I know that we have asked for some rest time for Jan, and she kind'a confirmed this. She enjoys visits, but recognizes her limitations in communication and swings between wanting on the one hand more visits from her friends to sooth the loneliness of hospital living, and on the other, she enjoys the quiet times and the freedom to sleep whenever her body tell her so. What action shall you then follow? I dunno' Follow your gut feelings. She is at her best between 4 and 6pm. If she is having dinner, she enjoys when people go to the cafeteria to buy their own dinners, and then bring it to her room where you can share your dinner with her -note: she most probably won't share hers with you-

Now let get back to the Plans:

-Jan is scheduled to leave the hospital on May 31.

-She will be meeting with the surgeon in 10 days to discuss a date for the placing back the bone flaps (could be at the end of the month).

-She will continue with speech and language therapy after she leaves Bridgepoint, in a comunity clinic or in the current place.

-She will need support after June 1, in the following:
*getting a ride to therapy when Fede is working
*getting a ride to visit or go shopping when Fede is too tired to do this
*some logistical support at home when she is alone (we are exploring the possibility of home support, but it may be at a cost...)
*getting some good singers to come and practice the music she loves so much.
* just sharing tea and cookies with good friends.

Keep posted for upcoming changes in Jan's life. She will not go back to teach, at least in the next few months. She will need emotional and spiritual support to keep focused on her recovery.

Yesterday, when the speech therapist asked her what animal she identified with, Jan said a blue jay. This was a bit of a surprise to me because she always told me that she is an eagle. Does this change indicate a change on the way she sees herself? Is she shy of soaring high? Is she feeling insecure because one of her wings is not fully working? Maybe you need to remind her that she is still and eagle... and believe with her that she will soar again.



Ret said...

THis sounds like a strange question but where do they keep the bone flaps when you're not using them?

*hugs* 'Ret

Ret said...

P.S I might bring my guitar next time I see you. You'll probably be home by then. However, I am SO out of practis! Most f my free time is spent either at the computer or the sewing machine these days!

*hugs* 'Ret

Iconoclast said...

They have a 'bone bank'. Rather a cross between a blood bank (living material) and a safety deposit box (personal stuff).

I wonder if there's interest paid while it's in the bank? :)