Friday, May 05, 2006


As you saw in the previous blog, Jan will be out and about in less than four weeks.

MOVE- We are planning a move to the West, closer to the communities of support Jan and I have. We have requested help for packing and some muscle for the actual move. To avoid chaos -at least in this aspect- and having too many people showing up. Please let us know your plans and give us two options. We will make a list and let everyone know when your help would be most effective.

ONGOING SUPPORT -People who want to be on 'the list' for ongoing support should email their,

phone number(s),
email(s) and
whether they have a car,
what days/times typically they are available
to [Corrected by Steve. jan_get_well @]

Many thanks for the amazing love you have shown for Jan and I during the last 85 days. We have made it this far because of your generous hearts.



orestn said...

I emailed to the address on your post but it bounced back. I will help you move, and I have a car. My typical availability is never, but I will make time in the evening or on the weekend.


Ret said...

I would like to help with the move too. Please let me know when you're moving and maybe one of these weekends I can drop by and help with packing or whatever.

This just reminded me of a song from one of the plays Jan was in:
"Pack up the luggage, la-la-la
Unpack the luggage, la-la-la
Pack up the luggage, la-la-la
I lead a glamourous life!!"

It's ironic, I still haven't got to see your place where your home is now, which is probably easier for me to get to than Etobicoke.

Iconoclast said...

Oops...quality control department missed this one!


FC said...
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FC said...

thanks DN for correcting the email address.